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Restrictions of use

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Include the term “São Pedro Capital” or any brand of SPC or name of an executive, or any variation thereof, such as meta-tag, hidden text element or any other indicator that creates a false impression of affiliation, sponsorship or endorsement by SPC.

Offer or Guidance

You acknowledge that the purpose of this website content is to provide information in general and is not intended to provide any offer of sale or purchase of any securities or promise to take on or request business and cannot be used as guidance for any offer or sale of securities. An offer or request shall be done only by means of a private placement memorandum, a subscription agreement and other documents related to a specific investment opportunity, and is subject to the terms and conditions in such documents, including the necessary requirements to become an investor.

This website contains general information about São Pedro Capital for investment professionals or people who have the pretense of employment in our company. We do not use this website to give investment guidance, tax issues or others, and nothing of what appears on this website should be considered as a recommendation for you to buy, sell or hold any securities or other investment, or for you to look for some investment style or strategy. If you wish to obtain investment guidance, accounting, tax or legal issues, you should seek your own consultants with regard to your circumstances and individual needs.

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Previous Performance

Any performance data or comments expressed on this website are an indication of previous performance. Previous performance is not indicative of future results; we do not provide any assurance that some investment shall obtain or have some likelihood of obtaining profits or losses similar to those obtained in the past, or that significant losses shall be avoided.

Collection of Usage Information

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A “cookie” is a small file of letters and numbers stored on the computer, tablet, mobile phone or other device of a user when visiting a website. Cookies contain information that is transferred to a device or read on it, allowing websites to recognize such devices and store certain information such as user preferences.

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No Warranties

You expressly understand and agree that:

Your use of this website is provided “as is” and “as available”. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED by applicable law, SPC, ITS BOARD MEMBERS, Officers, EMPLOYEES, Agents, LicensORS and any third-party information providers expressly exempt THEMSELVES from PROVIDING Any warrantIES, either expressed or tacit, including any implicit WARRANTIES of OWNERSHIP, Merchantability, non-violation and adequacy to a specific purpose, and all sECURITY WARRANTIES (including absence of viruses or other harmful components), currency, correctness, quality, accuracy, completeness, confidence, performance, timeliness or continuous availability, With respect to (i) this WEBsite; (Ii) any materials, products or services made available on this WEBsite or by it; (Iii) use of the WEBsite, materials, products or services; And (iv) results of the use of the WEBsite, materials, products or services.

In addition, SPC, its BOARD MEMBERS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, agents, licensors and any THIRD-PARTY INFORMATION PROVIDERS expressly exempt THEMSELVES from liability for any WARRANTIES related to delays or errors in transmission or delivery of any materials, products or services Available through this WEBsite.

Except as provided by law, neither SPC nor their third-party information providers are responsible for keeping materials, products or services offered on the site or providing their corrections, updates or new versions.

Limitation of Liability

SPC, its board members, officers, employees, agents, licensors or third-information providers shall not be LIABLE for indemnity for direct, indirect, INCIDENTAL, property damageS, punitive compensation, including for LOSS OF profits, loss of revenue, income, trade FUND, use, data or other intangible losses or damageS caused by theft, unauthorized access, error, omission, interruption, DEFECT, system failure, performance failure, operation delay, computer virus, other malfunction Of the computer or the cost of acquiring substitute goods or services caused by the use or the inability to use the WEBsite, materials or any products or services provided for HEREIN, or any other problem relating to this WEBsite, even if SPC has been warned of the possibility that such damages occur.

You agree that by using this website, as well as to use or be based on any of the materials included herein, you shall make you at your own risk and expense. You understand and agree that the use you make of this website presupposes your waiver to any right to suit SPC directly or to participate in some suit for damages resulting from your use of this website.


You agree to indemnify, defend and exempt SPC and each of its officers, board members, employees, and agents from any liabilities with regard to any complaints, litigations, responsibilities, damages, loss or expenses, including attorney’s fees and costs, or related to access or improper use of this website, some violation of these Terms of Use by you, your use of any Materials obtained from this website and act that configures fraud, violation to the law, negligence or willful misconduct by you.


The rights herein granted to you shall be terminated immediately in case you commit any breach of these Terms of Use. SPC, at its exclusive criterion, reserves the right to, in a temporary or permanent basis, suspend your access to and your use of this website at any time and for whatever reason, with no notice or obligation. SPC shall not be liable to you or any third party for the suspension of your access to or use of this website.

Integrality and independence of clauses

If any of the clauses of these Terms of Use is considered illegal, invalid or unenforceable, in this case, this clause shall be considered separate from these Terms of Use and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of other clauses. These Terms of Use represent the entire agreement between you and SPC with regard to the purpose of this document.


Any conflict or complaint that is somehow pertaining to these Terms of Use or use you make of this website shall be solved through binding arbitration rather than in court. The “Federal Arbitration Act”, or federal arbitration law (from the United States) shall apply to this instrument.

You agree that any conflict resolution procedure shall be conducted only individually and not as a lawsuit of a category, consolidated or representative. If, for any reason, a complaint follows procedural progress in court and not in arbitration, you waive the right of trial by jury. You agree that SPC may propose a lawsuit in order to prohibit, by court order, violation or any other misuse of its intellectual property rights.

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