Professionals we seek

At São Pedro Capital we are open to talk to people interested in learning more about our day-to-day activities and develop a career involving active and associative management of third-party resources.

In order to manage assets of our clients with excellence, we seek proactive people with great amount of intellectual curiosity and entrepreneurship, capable of tolerating ambiguous situations and solving complex challenges.

Our day-to-day activities

The daily routine of our professionals involves the assessment of risks and opportunities under multiple perspectives such as our clients, invested companies and other investors. In addition, we provide hardware and software infrastructure to support and boost the development and execution of our activities.

Our operations

We believe that the search for attractive assets and the process of value generation should be accompanied by attitudes involving (i) transparency with stakeholders, (ii) alignment of interests with partners allocation significant portion of their wealth in the same opportunities we offer our clients (iii) commitment to excellence based on a high analytical exactness and continuous training, and (iv) collaborative work of active and associative management accelerating value capture and mitigating risks.

Tell us about yourself

If you are interested in being part of our team, check out our open positions through our Linkedin profile, or send your resume to and we shall consider you for future opportunities.

São Pedro Capital constantly evaluates people interested in developing a career with alternative investments and attending an internship program. We look for people to work together with the professionals, helping the management team on investments analyzes and the management of portfolio companies. These professionals will participate intensively in the day-to-day activities of an actively managed fund with a high influence on the investee companies.